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A Few Services We Offer At Finishing Touch Team

We Specialize in Painting in Columbia, South Carolina but we offer a few additional services which are complementary to our painting in upgrading your home. 

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Cabinet Painting

Refresh your cabinets!  Theres no need to buy all new cabinets!  Hire a professional to repaint your cabinetry and have a whole new kitchen!


Exterior Painting

Not only is exterior painting vital to the life and health of your home, it can transform your home.  just like a fresh haircut, give your home a fresh look and fall back in love with your home!

Interior Design

Interior Painting

The paint work in the home can open up or close a room in your house. The paint color defines the space and mood of each room of your home. A professional paint job can make your home feel new again!

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Crown molding and the details of your house is what makes it a home you can be proud of.  Receive a free estimate and consultation for your home.  

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Pressure Washing

Dirt is natural, surfaces age over time. But returning them to their original state is a quick process with pressure washing.  We have you covered from your whole house to just a small walkway!

Satisfaction Guarantee

One year limited warranty on all labor and product!

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